What’s the Difference Between An IPad and a Tablet? Which is Better?


When it comes to personal computers, there are so many different products—and variations of products—on the market that it’s simple to become perplexed and overwhelmed by everything.

What distinguishes an iPad from a tablet is one of the questions Ebuyer customers ask us most frequently. They can’t possibly be the same thing.

Despite having a similar appearance, the two have a lot in common as well. However, let’s define an iPad and a tablet first before getting into all the finer points.

What is An Ipad?

Apple is a well-known company, and its line of portable computers goes by the name of iPad. All iPads run on Apple’s proprietary operating system, known as iOS. In essence, an iPad is just Apple’s take on a tablet.

iPads and The similarities and differences between Android tablets are substantial. We’ve compiled a list of the main distinctions below.

What is a Tablet PC?

An internet-capable tablet PC is a mobile computer with a touch-screen display. This means that in order to fully utilize a tablet, you must have internet access.

Tablet PCs are intended to be thin and light, smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smartphone, and they are stuffed with downloadable applications.

Tablets don’t have keyboards; instead, they are operated by touching the screen. However, some tablets have a port where a physical keyboard can be attached if that’s what you prefer.

However, since keyboards are not included with tablets, you will need to buy one separately.

Tablets are renowned for their speed. They start up very quickly and offer nearly immediate access to the internet and apps. Additionally, they have the ability to run smaller programs like Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Google’s Android.

Anyone who needs to work in an office setting that uses Microsoft software should consider tablets as a great alternative. Tablets are the perfect hybrid device between a PC and a laptop if you need to run Windows programs.

Is An IPad a Tablet?

Each iPad is a tablet in theory. To put it simply, an iPad is a tablet PC, which is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display. The iPad is a particular kind of tablet created and produced by Apple, which is good way to think about it. iPads run a proprietary operating system called iPadOS. In order to use them like a laptop, more recent models now support peripherals like a keyboard and mouse.

Until September 2019, when the iPad switched to iPadOS, an adaptation of iOS, both the iPhone and iPad running on iOS. iPadOS is similar to iOS but is better optimized for iPad devices.

The majority of non-Apple tablets run on Google’s Android operating system, but Amazon and Microsoft also make well-liked tablet lines that run on Fire OS and Windows, respectively. Models like the Google Nexus, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Fire HD, and Samsung Galaxy Tab are examples of these.

ipads tablet

IPad Vs Tablet – Main Difference

Here are the major points of difference between Tablets and iPad:

  • Tablet is a common name for a wide variety of devices that usually function using a touch screen with different specs from different manufacturers while iPad is Apple’s version of a Tablet;
  • The iPad runs on Apple’s iOS operating system while the most popular operating system of other tablets is Google’s Android;
  • iPad does not support shock-wave or flash videos Therefore, if you want to view Flash-based websites, play Flash games or watch Flash videos on your iPad, you’ll come across a bit of a problem while other tablets (Android) can use this popular software for showing online videos;
  • The iPad does not allow for multitasking, i.e. it can’t interact with multiple apps at the same time while other tablets running on True multitasking is available on Android OS, i.e. when you are using one application the other applications can run in the background;
  • Although iPad contains more features than the Android tablets, depending on what features one desires, it is open to question as to which one has the lead;
  • The iPad has a huge number of available apps while the number of compatible apps is relatively low on other tablets;

Ipad: Strengths

iPads are generally easier to use and run smoother than some other tablets, although much of the time the difference is barely noticeable.

The average user prefers Apple’s iOS over Google’s Android OS platform in terms of overall user experience. The interface of Apple’s operating system is simple to use and it is very powerful.

iPads also enable close integration between devices. If both devices are running the most recent operating system, you can copy and paste between your iPad and Apple laptop. In this regard, Android tablets are far behind.

In addition, it is common knowledge that the App Store offers almost all downloadable applications. Currently, it has somewhere around a million iPad-specific apps. One million more can operate in compatibility modes.

Apple only formally endorses and permits the installation of apps through its own store. Each app is examined and approved before being made available for purchase through the Apple store. This adds an additional layer of security by removing the possibility of malware and bugs infecting their devices.

Finally, using an iPad rather than an Android tablet makes it much simpler to post updates and share content on social networks due to iPads’ deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Ipad: Weaknesses

Storage is where iPads truly fail. The majority of Android tablets make it fairly simple for you to add more storage if you need to, and many of these devices include a microSD card slot, so you can really add a lot of memory if you need to.

On the other hand, the iPad doesn’t offer a way for you to increase its storage. Remember this when making your purchase because what you get when you buy it is what you’re stuck with.

This implies that you will need to delete something if you run out of space on your iPad. It is simple to purchase iPads with more storage, but the cost is higher. Even with those devices, you still can’t add more later if you need to.

When it comes to customization, the iPad is still years behind any Windows or Android tablet. While you can move icons around, change your background image, and even designate which apps to use when, when compared to Android and Windows, those features pale in comparison.

With an Android tablet, you can select any app you want to use for any task, and you can personalize the fonts, screen images, and other aspects of the device. Essentially, Android and Windows allow you to tweak anything. The iPad is a different story.

IPad Vs Tablet: Which is Better?

Google has promised to focus more on improving Android’s tablet experience, but its main priority has been making Android a smartphone operating system. Apple, meanwhile, has only vowed to improve the iPad experience by developing more potent hardware and an iPad-specific operating system.

However, if the iPad continues to be out of your price range and your intended uses for it (web browsing, email, and watching videos) remain fairly standard, an Android tablet might be the perfect solution.

Android Tablet Pc: Strengths

Many of the advantages of the Android tablet have already been mentioned, but there are still more to cover.

The Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and Kindle Fire are just a few of the many Android tablet products that are currently on the market. You can choose from literally thousands of different Android tablets.

The number of apps available in the Google Play store for Android has increased significantly over the past few years.

Finally, Android tablets are simply more affordable than Apple iPads while still offering value for your money.

Android Tablet Pc: Weaknesses

Although the Android operating system is not quite as user-friendly or intuitive as Apple’s iOS, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. And while the Google Play Store has a lot of apps, there aren’t as many that are designed specifically for Android tablets.

Another potential weak spot of the Google Play app store is security. In contrast to Apple, Google lets tablet users install apps from third parties. Because Android devices have a more open system where anyone can release an app without approval before release, this can occasionally result in malicious apps sneaking through the system.

However, this open strategy also encourages app developers to produce more applications for the Android platform.


The majority of people who are thinking about purchasing a tablet typically choose an iPad or an Android tablet. Although Android tablets have seen a recent surge in popularity and are now closely trailing the more expensive iPads, Apple is still the market leader.

Although both the iPad and Android tablets are capable, it must be said that if you’re looking for a device primarily for work, a Windows tablet that is compatible with Microsoft Office may be a better option.

The vast selection of apps offered for iOS and Android are not available in the Windows store, making the iPad a better choice for those looking for a casual and dependable tablet. In the end, everything comes down to personal preference.


What is the Difference Between An Ipad and An Ipad Air?

The differences between an iPad and an iPad air are numerous.

The screen sizes will be discussed first. The size of the display on the iPad Air is 10.5 inches, compared to 9.7 inches for the regular iPad. But there isn’t much of a difference in terms of resolution. The iPad Air has a screen size of 2,224 by 1,668 pixels compared to the standard iPad’s 2,048 by 1,536 pixels.

The iPad Air, on the other hand, is propelled by Apple’s most recent A12 Bionic chip, which is more potent than the iPad’s previous processor. In terms of storage, the iPad Air has 64GB as opposed to the 32GB of the iPad base model.

kindle tablet

What is the Key Difference Between a Kindle and An Ipad?

The Operating System, which powers both devices, is the main distinction between the Kindle Fire and an iPad. The iPad uses Apple’s iOS, whereas the Kindle Fire uses Google’s Android OS.

In addition, there are customary disclaimers about how an iPad differs from an Android tablet that we previously mentioned.

Can I Print from An Ipad?

Yes, you can, is the response. Using a printer that is AirPrint compatible is the best option for doing this.

The first step is joining the same Wi-Fi network with both your iPad and printer. then navigate to the item or document you wish to print. Then, select Print from the menu options by tapping the shared icon button (which looks like a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it) in the top bar of the app screen. And that’s it!

Is An Ipad Better Than a Kindle?

It depends on each person’s needs and preferences whether an iPad is superior to a Kindle, but the iPad is frequently chosen.

The text on an iPad is easier to read without needing to zoom in for more detail because it has a larger screen than a Kindle, which only has a six-inch display. The fact that an iPad is much simpler to use than a Kindle, however, makes it the clear winner in this comparison.

The touch screen technology used by Kindle is e-ink technology, which causes a definite delay in what is displayed on it.

How Do You Use An IPad as a Drawing Tablet for a Mac?

The iPad is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled drawing styluses in addition to the Apple Pencil. With the Sidecar feature, you can use your iPad as a second monitor for your Mac, enabling you to use it as a drawing tablet. You can drag apps from your Mac to your tablet while Sidecar is active. In order to draw on your tablet while your work is being displayed on the computer, you can also mirror the screen of your iPad to your Mac.

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