How to Disable Apple Music Explicit Content: 2022 Guide

Apple Music

Music lovers are well aware of the Apple Music subscription service. The largest music library across all musical genres, including a large number of explicit languages, is available on Apple Music. Users don’t generally prefer to listen to explicit language music, so it can be turned off if someone doesn’t want to hear it. After turning off the explicit content, users can choose to only hear clean versions of songs on Apple Music, which has both explicit and clean versions of songs.

When playing music in public places like schools or other places where playing explicit music is prohibited, such as when there are children nearby, this feature is helpful. All connected devices can still have explicit music turned off, even if you’re using Family Sharing. However, a user can also disable it on their own.

On the Mac, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, and website, there are different processes for disabling explicit content in Apple Music. Here is a guide to turning off explicit content on Apple Music, if you’re ready.

Turn Off Explicit Content on IPad and iPhone

The process for blocking explicit content on an iPad and an iPhone is exactly the same. So let’s get started:

  • Open Settings.
  • Slide down in the Settings tab and choose the Screen Time option.
  • Press the Content & Privacy Restrictions option on your own device.
  • Click on the name instead if you’re making changes to a child’s device. Press the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.
  • Click Content Restrictions and type registered PIN.
  • Toggle on Content & Privacy Restrictions and click Content Restrictions.
  • Click on the Music, Podcasts & News options.
  • Click on Clean.

You can avoid hearing any explicit lyrical music by following these instructions.

Turn Off Explicit Lyrics on Mac

Fortunately, the process to disable explicit content on Apple Music is fairly easy to follow and only requires a few steps. Verify that your Mac is using macOS Catalina or a later version before making any changes.

  • Tap the Music bar on the screen.
  • Tap on Preferences.
  • Press Restrictions in the newly opened tab.
  • Press Music with explicit content to restrict explicit music lyrics.
  • Add your administrator password to the command to confirm it.

All you have to do to stop Apple Music’s explicit content from playing for you and your children is.

The lyrics you see on your screen after doing this will also be clear. If you share your Apple Music subscription with another person, they will also receive the same content.

Apple Music

Windows (iTunes)

  1. In the menu bar, click Edit > Preferences
  2. Head to the Restrictions tab and ensure the padlock in the lower left corner is unlocked
    • Under Restrict, tick Music with explicit content to hide explicit content
    • Untick this option to allow all content
  3. Click OK once you’ve made your adjustments

Web –

  1. Click the profile icon in the upper right corner and select Settings
  2. Scroll down to Parental Controls
  3. Turn on Content Restrictions and enter or setup a passcode
    • Select Clean to only show clean music
    • Select Explicit to show all music

Is There An Apple Music Clean Version?

For iOS devices, there is only one Music app and one version of the Apple Music streaming service. However, the methods mentioned above can be used to tailor the songs that are made available for streaming via Apple Music.

You can always turn off the service and limit young users to only listening to songs that you have downloaded onto the device if you still feel uneasy about letting them use Apple Music. Additionally, there are many family-friendly podcasts that are excellent for children to listen to while they are unattended or on long journeys.

You want even more power over the content your kids access on their smart devices. There are a number of well-known parental control apps that can keep an eye on and limit almost everything that can be done on smartphones, tablets, and computers.


The iPad and iPhone’s Screen Time feature is extremely versatile. Apps can have usage restrictions set by users that restrict how long they can use them. Users can also block websites by using Screen Time. The app usage timing is also displayed, and if the daily limit has been reached, users may not use the app any longer.

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