Where is the Microphone on An IPad? Guide with Pictures

Mic on ipad

On an iPad, where is the microphone?

Quick Answer:

  • Every iPad model has a built-in microphone, at the very least. Some models have two.
  • The model determines how many microphones and where they are on your iPad.

Believe it or not, one of the most common questions we get here at Descriptive Audio is, “where is the microphone on an iPad?” The iPad comes in a variety of models with various numbers of microphones, so your question is reasonable. Whether it is on the front or back. The top or the bottom? It’s actually a little bit of each of those places. Your iPad model may have one, two, or five microphones spread out in various locations.

We’ll put that to rest today and provide a definitive response to your query. The location of the microphone on an iPad Pro, iPad Air, original iPad, iPad Mini, and more will be revealed!

Do IPads Have Microphones?

Yes, all iPads do have microphones, to start things off. Every model of the iPad has had at least one microphone since the device’s debut in 2010. Although there are now more microphones than ever before, even the most recent iPad models only have two to five microphones overall.

Because they can be used in so many different situations, microphones are necessary. They are utilized, for instance, in Skype and FaceTime video calls. Videos, voice memos, and other things can all be recorded using them.

Let’s examine the locations of the microphones on each iPad model now that we are aware that they are present on every iPad.

The answer is quite complicated because there are more than 20 different iPad models and generation combinations. The number of microphones on every iPad Pro differs, for instance.

Check your generation and the model of iPad you have before reading this article (Mini, Air, Pro, and just iPad). Let’s get started!

What Does a Microphone Look Like on IPad?

Do iPads Come With Mics? A built-in microphone is present in every iPad model since the first one, so the answer is yes. Mics on the iPad are pretty subtle; they look like small pinholes poked into the housing of the iPad, or, on some models, in the camera assembly.

Where is the Microphone on An IPad Pro?

Location of microphone on iPad Pro 129 gen1 and gen2
Location of microphone on iPad Pro 12.9 gen1 and gen2

The most complicated of the bunch is the iPad Pro. There are several generations, and the sizes range from 9.7″ to 10.5″ to 11″ and now there is a 12.9″ model as well. The number and placement of mics vary depending on the model.

Let’s check them out:

  • iPad 9.7″ (all generations): 2 mics – Top: 1, Camera: 1
  • iPad 10.5″ (all generations): 2 mics – Top: 1, Camera: 1
  • iPad 11″ (all generations): 5 mics – Top: 3, Left: 1, Camera: 1
  • iPad 12.9″ (1st/2nd gen): 2 mics – Top 1, Camera 1
  • iPad 12.9″ (3rd/4th/5th gen): 5 mics – Top: 3, Left: 1, Camera: 1

If this seems confusing and you still have no idea where the microphones are located on your iPad Pro, here’s a photo with everything detailed:

The iPad Air series is the next topic we’ll discuss.

Where is the Microphone on An IPad Air?

the Microphone on An IPad air

Here, the solution is a lot clearer. For those who want a powerful iPad without going broke, the iPad Air has been a fantastic option. Five generations have passed since its 2013 debut. The most recently released one has an iPad Pro-like appearance.

Regardless of the generation, the iPad Air has two microphones that are placed in the same location.

  • iPad Air (all generations): 2 mics – Top: 1, Camera: 1

Here’s another picture with the microphone location for the iPad Air:

Let’s move on to the standard iPad Series since that one was simple.

Where is the Microphone on An IPad?

The model with the most generations overall is probably the regular iPad. The iPad, which has nine generations available so far, has served as the emblem of Apple tablets since 2010. Their 9.7″ Prime screens are standard across the board. The number and placement of the microphones have changed, and the bezels are now sleeker.

Let’s have a look at the microphone locations for the iPad series:

  • iPad (1st/2nd/3rd/4th gen): 1 mic – Top: 1
  • iPad (5th/6th gen): 1 mic – Back: 1
  • iPad (7th(8th/9th gen): 2 mics – Top: 1, Camera: 1

As you can see, the first six iterations of the iPad series only had one microphone, but Apple added a second mic (and moved the first mic) in the last three iterations.

As always, here’s a picture that makes it easier to understand:

Let’s turn our attention to the family’s younger sibling last. The iPad Mini.

Where is the Microphone on An IPad Mini?

the Microphone on An IPad Mini

Despite being smaller, the iPad Mini is a powerful computer. As a more compact and reasonably priced iPad substitute, it was introduced in 2012. The iPad Mini has had six generations so far and starting with the first, there were more microphones.

The most recent iPad Mini has an iPad Pro-style design inside a smaller body. Here are the locations of the microphones on an iPad Mini:

  • iPad Mini (1st gen): 1 mic – Bottom: 1
  • iPad Mini (2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th gen): 2 mics – Top: 1, Camera: 1

The Mini’s number of microphones and placement has remained the same over the course of five generations, similar to the iPad Air. Despite not receiving as many updates as its larger siblings.

What is the IPad Microphone Used For?

The iPad microphone is used for all kinds of iPad audio-recording needs, including:

  • When recording video
  • For FaceTime calls
  • For music and podcasting
  • For voice memos (using the pre-loaded Voice Memos app, for instance)

The iPad microphone can be used in any situation; there are no set procedures or requirements. In essence, when you use an app that records audio, it will automatically turn on the microphone. By tapping a microphone icon, you can mute the mic in some applications.

Wrap-up: the Position of the Microphones Depends on the Model

You can make sure you’re using the microphones properly now that you know where they are on each iPad model. When making a video call or recording, keep in mind that the number of microphones and where they are placed vary between models.


How Do I Know If My Microphone is Working on My IPad?

To check the microphone, use the iPhone or iPad’s standard Voice Memos app. Open the Voice Memos app, or have Siri do it for you, and speak into the microphone. The recording should then be played back. Your voice should be audible to everyone.

How Do I Turn My Microphone On?

Settings. Tap Site Settings. Tap Camera or Microphone. Tap to turn the microphone or camera on or off.

How Do I Turn Off An IPad’s Microphone?

There isn’t a setting that can turn off the iPad microphone globally. To turn off access to the microphone for a specific app, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone, then restrict an app’s access to the iPad microphone.

How Do I Test An IPad’s Microphone?

Launch the camera app and take a quick video to test the iPad’s microphone. Play the video to hear the audio that was captured. Attempting a FaceTime call, recording a voice memo, or using Siri to test the audio are additional ways to test an iPad’s microphone.

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