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IPad Charging

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Nothing is more annoying than having to wait what seems like an eternity for your iPad to charge. The question is, why does it seem like your iPad is taking so long to charge, and what can you do to speed up the process?

Use the proper adapter type and check for damaged cables if your iPad is charging slowly. You might occasionally need to clean your charging port or change to a wall outlet. In addition to using a fast charger and restarting the iPad while it charges, you can accelerate charging by turning on Airplane mode.

Let’s examine the main causes, methods, and warning signs of the slow charging of iPads.

How Long Should An IPad Take to Charge?

For various iPad models, a normal charger will take between five and a half and 10.5 hours, and a fast charger will take between two and two and a half hours. 20W fast chargers work with all iPads, and 30W fast chargers work with all iPad models except for the iPad and iPad Mini.

With standard chargers, the iPad Mini charges the fastest, taking five and a half hours to fully recharge.

When using a standard charger, the 11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air take eight hours and the original iPad takes nine hours to charge. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro requires 10.5 hours to fully charge using a regular charger.

A fast charger needs about 2.5 hours to fully charge every iPad model besides the iPad Mini. With a fast charger, the Mini can, however, be fully charged in just two hours. When the battery is completely empty, the iPad will charge much more quickly; as the battery charge increases, however, the charging speed will decrease.

Why is My IPad Charging So Slowly?

Utilizing the incorrect kind of charging adapter or a damaged cable are the two most frequent causes of sluggish iPad charging. Also slowing down the charge is a dirty charging port. Additionally, charging the iPad using a laptop or portable power source will take much longer than simply plugging it into a wall outlet.

Unless you purchase a battery pack like the IDMIX 20000mAh PD30W Power Bank (on Amazon), many battery packs, for instance, charge very slowly.

Here are some reasons why your iPad may be taking too long to charge:

You’re Using the Wrong Adapter

Although it may be tempting, using your iPhone’s charger with your iPad could make the process take much longer. While an iPad can be charged using an iPhone charger, this process takes much longer than using the iPad’s original charger. When compared to iPad chargers, the majority of iPhone chargers are 1 amp.

The charging time will also vary depending on the kind of iPad charger adapter used. A 20W or 30W fast charger can charge the iPad twice as fast as a regular charger, but it will take two to three times as long.

So keep in mind that it will take much longer for your iPad to charge the next time you use an iPhone charger.

You’re Using Damaged Charging Cables

The amount of time your iPad takes to charge can also be impacted by a damaged charging cable. Although iPad charging cables are designed to last for several years, using them roughly or just frequently enough causes wear and tear on the cables.

Fortunately, cables aren’t expensive, and you can buy a new one for a lot less money than you would for a new charger. The fact that the cables are damaged, which many people are unaware of, could harm the iPad’s battery if used for an extended period of time.

Your IPad’s Charging Port is Dirty

The iPad’s charging port needs to be cleaned frequently in order to charge efficiently, just like your smartphone’s. While a small obstruction in the port usually doesn’t prevent the iPad from charging, it will take much longer for the battery to fully charge.

Before attempting any other fixes, make sure the charging port is working properly and that you are using the correct charger and cables. To clean out any dust from the iPad’s charging port, use a wooden toothpick, a cotton swab, or compressed air.

You’re Charging With a Power Bank Or Laptop

The iPad will always charge much more slowly when being charged directly with the cable. Remember that it will take longer to charge the iPad when doing so through a power bank, laptop, or the charging port in your car.

You’re Using the IPad as It Charges

Although it may seem obvious, using your iPad while it is charging will prevent it from charging quickly. Although it will take much longer, the iPad will still charge while you are using it.

Additionally, using the iPad while it is charging could lead to it overheating, particularly if you are streaming or playing games.

Your IPad Has a Defective Battery

battery health

If the iPad’s slow charging is brought on by a faulty battery, your only choice is to replace it. However, this problem only occurs if you frequently use the incorrect kind of charger on your iPad or if it is an older model.

Power Outlet Issues

If you’re having trouble charging your iPad, the problem might not be with the gadget itself but with the power supply.

For instance, your iPad might not be receiving enough power if you’re trying to charge it through a USB port on your computer or vehicle. Additionally, using a power bank to charge is not any better.

If you are not plugged into any of these, the issue may also be with the electrical outlet.

Still, using a wall charger and plugging your iPad into an outlet is the best way to charge it. Your iPad will charge the most quickly because you are getting power directly from a primary electrical source.

By timing how long it takes for a device to fully charge, you can compare charging times for various electric outlets if you suspect a faulty wall outlet.

After that, you’ll be able to identify the problematic outlet and decide whether to stop using it or have it fixed.


Your iPad may start charging more slowly if it’s getting too hot. This is so that it doesn’t cause any harm when your iPad starts to throttle the charging process when it gets too hot.

In light of this, stay away from using your iPad in the bathroom and kitchen as well as in areas that are humid or in direct sunlight. Additionally, you shouldn’t leave it in your car.

Similarly, if it’s extremely cold where you are, your iPad might not be charging as usual.

Apple advises against exposing your iPad to temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature is extremely hot or cold where you are, turn off your iPad and leave the area. Alternatively, wait until the temperature returns to normal before attempting to charge your iPad.

Unrealistic Expectations

You might be comparing how quickly an iPad charges to how quickly an iPhone charges, which is the most frequently disregarded factor in why your iPad charges so slowly.

iPhones charge quickly, so we get it. However, you must keep in mind that iPads are much larger than iPhones and take longer to charge. In actuality, the battery in an iPad is nearly three times larger than that in an iPhone.

So you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect your iPad to charge as quickly as your iPhone.

How Do I Fix a Slow-Charging IPad?

We want to give you some advice on how to make your iPad charge faster now that we’ve covered the numerous causes of slow charging in iPads and the fixes for them.

The tips listed below will help your iPad charge more quickly and are generally cheap.

Use the Correct Fast Charger

Naturally, faster chargers than standard chargers can speed up the charging process by up to two times. And if you use an Apple-approved charger, it won’t harm your devices.

Nevertheless, you must make sure that the fast charger you’re using is compatible with your iPad model.

Since the iPad and iPad mini models can only charge at 20W, you don’t want to waste money on a 30W charger. However, a 12W charger won’t be able to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s faster (up to 30W) charging capabilities, so you shouldn’t use one.

The charging times will significantly different if you use the correct charger for your model of iPad.

The cheap advice is now up.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Put your iPad in airplane mode for one of the simplest methods to speed up charging. This will turn off every wireless connection on your iPad, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data, which will help you save battery life.

The airplane icon can be found in the Control Center. Tap it to put your iPad into airplane mode.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The more power the screen uses, the more energy it consumes, and the more effort your iPad must expend to recharge. Reducing screen brightness can also help you conserve battery life.

Even just a few notches can make a significant difference; you might not even need to turn it all the way down. Your iPad will not only charge more quickly, but you’ll also eventually be extending its battery life.

Close Unused Apps

The number of background apps you have causes your iPad to work harder and drain its battery more quickly. Close as many unused apps as you can the next time your iPad’s battery is getting low. The speed at which it charges might surprise you.


Don’t Use the IPad While It’s Charging

The charging process is undoubtedly slowed down when using your iPad while plugged in. This is due to the fact that using the iPad at the same time as the charger cancels out the effect of the iPad drawing power from the charger.

Therefore, it is best to use your iPad sparingly while it is plugged in in order to ensure quick and effective charging.

Better Yet, Shut Down Your IPad

We said the tip above was “better” because we saved the best quick tip for last. Shutting down your iPad completely is the quickest way to get it to start charging.

Shutting down your iPad is the best option if you need to quickly charge it up and it’s not always practical to do so.

Take a Trip to the Genius Bar

If you’ve tried all of the aforementioned suggestions without success, it may be time to go to your neighborhood Apple Store or a certified service provider.

They can assist in determining whether there may be a hardware problem to be fixed or whether an upgrade is necessary.

In the latter case, you can sell us your iPad! Here at Gizmogrind, we give top dollar for used iPads. Click here to see how much your iPad is worth.

We hope that this blog post has given you some insight into why your iPad charges so slowly.’ If you have any additional queries or advice to offer, please comment below.

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How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My IPad Battery?

If the battery on your iPad starts to swell or doesn’t last as long as it once did, you should replace it. It will also take longer to charge batteries that have been damaged. Nevertheless, first, confirm that nothing else is the source of the charging issue.

The first sign that your battery needs to be replaced right away is when it starts to swell. Despite the fact that it can be challenging to predict when the battery will swell, you can spot it by the pressure stains it may leave on the screen.

Send the iPad in for a battery replacement if you observe these and the battery isn’t holding a charge as long as it once did.

Wrap Up

Last but not least, think about taking your iPad to an Apple-certified technician if you’ve tried all the solutions above and none of them have worked. Your battery can undergo tests to determine whether it needs to be replaced. But in the majority of cases, one of the above-mentioned hacks will work and restore your device to normal operation.


Do IPads Charge Faster When Turned Off?

You might decide to stop using your iPad while it charges if you want it to charge significantly faster. By doing so, you can be sure that the display is off and that no other major battery-draining activities are running. The charging time is decreased by all of these. Turning off the iPad while it charges is a logical next step.

How Do I Check the Health of My IPad Battery?

To learn how your iPad usage affects the battery level, go to Settings > Battery. For the previous 24 hours and up to the previous 10 days, data on your battery usage and activity is displayed.

Why is My IPad Dying So Fast and Charging So Slow?

There are several common reasons your iPad battery may be dying too quickly or not holding a charge: An app or Background App Refresh is draining the battery. A software update is required for your iPad. Your screen is too bright

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