What Is The Keepsafe App? Customers Review

What Is The Keepsafe App Customers Review

First, what is the keepsafe app?

Personal photos and videos are kept secure by Keepsafe by being password-protected, fingerprint-authenticated, and using military-grade encryption. It’s the ideal location for concealing private images and videos. You can preserve phone space, safeguard your photos, and maintain your privacy with Keepsafe.

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Is Keepsafe A Chinese App?

The photo vault app was developed by American tech company Keepsafe Softwares. California, in the state of America, is home to the tech company’s headquarters. Zouhair Belkoura, the founder and CEO of Keepsafe Software, created this application to give everyone simple access to control over their digital possessions. In addition to the Keepsafe app, the American company behind its development also produced Calculator Photo Vault, an app with features that are very similar to those of Keepsafe. With a Calculator app and a secure password lock, it conceals itself, though.

What Is The App Keepsafe Photo Vault?

A photo vault app for protecting pictures, movies, and documents is called Keepsafe Photo Vault. You upload private photos to a locker that is password- and encryption-protected for storage. Additional security can be added by locking specific albums. You can also backup your photos to a private cloud storage account using Keepsafe’s Private Photo Vault, which will free up phone storage.

Which Nation Is The Owner Of Keepsafe?

The United States of America is the Keepsafe origin country, as previously stated. But many have mistakenly believed it to be Chinese in origin. The users’ discovery that Gallery Vault and Applock are Chinese apps is the cause of this confusion.

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Is Keepsafe Safe?

The two main concerns for people today are online safety and privacy. Zouhair Belkoura, the CEO of Keepsafe Software, claims that the goal of the Keepsafe app is to assist people in drawing clear boundaries between their personal, social, and professional lives in order to protect their digital property. For users of iPhone, Android, or tablets, Keepsafe Vault services offer a secure location to store important items like confidential files, videos, and photos. The program uses high-grade military encryption, claims Keepsafe Support. Keepsafe has no system administrators or staff members who can access or view your content in order to protect your privacy.

What Is The Keepsafe App Customers Review
What Is The Keepsafe App? Customers Review

Customer Review Of Keepsafe


The only feature I use on this app is for private photos that I don’t want to risk others seeing if I show them my phone. importing is ridiculously easy & fast, the pics are then automatically removed from your gallery & into app. a security feature is, it’s not possible to leave this app open. any time you switch screens, you must log in again. I have only ever had positive experiences with it.


Used the basic version for a long time before attempting the premium version’s trial, which ended with all of my images being deleted. If I don’t pay the absurd amount this app is asking for, I won’t be able to get any back or even view the trash. I haven’t even reached the image space limit. My images weren’t in basic mode when I left them. Just outright destroyed them. hostage-taking with my images until I make a premium payment. Not worth me even having the app, it’s greedy. The premium trial is not advised because they will take advantage of you in the future.


The article concentrated on explaining what the KeepSafe app is.

To keep important items safe, like private photos, videos, and files, Keepsafe offers a protected space on your iPhone, Android, or tablet. Armed forces-grade encryption is used by Keepsafe. Keepsafe has no system administrators or employees who can access or view your content to ensure privacy.

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