What Is Lobby App? A Quick Guide & Reviews

What Is Lobby App A Quick Guide & Reviews

First, what is Lobby app?

The social media app Lobby allows users to search for public lobbies or design private ones for their friends to hang out in. Users can share their screens to participate in various entertaining activities, watch synchronized videos, or listen to music in a lobby. 

It is a social media app where users can voice chat, make new friends, or just have fun. It is a fun platform for teens to interact and play games, watch videos, or listen to music while voice calling in real-time.

Continue reading so I can give you more specific information about what a lobby app is.

What Is Lobby App?

In order to play third-party games, watch YouTube videos, or just hang out via live voice chats, users can use the social networking app Lobby to connect with their friends or family. By providing real-time voice chats, Lobby facilitates conversation and friendly banter. You can use it to virtually hang out and meet up with friends or anyone else. Real-time videos make it simple to watch with others even if you and they are separated by a great distance. In a similar vein, you can synchronize and simultaneously listen to music with them.

Voice chats are used in conjunction with all of these features, such as synchronized music and video, so you can speak to the person directly. Along with the ability to watch videos and listen to music, it also allows you to share your screen with others so they can see your phone in real-time while using voice chat.

Pros of Lobby App:

  • jointly watch videos
  • As a group, enjoy music.
  • Play games together.
  • Allow others to see your phone by sharing your screen.
  • Invite friends or make new acquaintances.

Cons of Lobby App:

  • Sometimes calls may be disconnected.
  • Inappropriate behavior may occasionally be witnessed by users in public lobbies.

Is Lobby Any Good?

Teens can connect and have fun playing one of the supported third-party games on this platform, but because voice chatting is real-time and unmoderated, there will be mature content. Both teens and adults enjoy hanging out in the lobby and using voice chat. It sounds appealing to be matched with people right away to play games, watch YouTube videos, and hang out. It offers a fairly seamless and well-designed process for gamers to connect and play in real time. In contrast to other features of the app, which involve a little more trial and error, this aspect of the app has extremely clear step-by-step instructions. Kids will appreciate the fact that the app’s creators are interested in hearing what games they think the app should support in the future and that they value their opinion.

The app makes an effort to pair users with other members who are their own age, but there is no real verification. Some groups or gatherings are based on shared passions or pastimes, such as music or signing. In others, hosts broadcast YouTube videos so that participants can watch them together. There is a ton of worrying content on the app because it is user-generated and highly anonymous. Explicit conversations about dating and sex, content that overly objectsifies and sexualizes bodies, crude humor, comments that denigrate others based on their race, ethnicity, skin tone, sexual orientation, or gender will all be heard by teenagers. Although users have the option to report inappropriate content, doing so frequently degrades the user experience. The best course of action is to lock up a place where friends can hang out and play, but make sure to inform kids about the kinds of things they might encounter out in public.

What Is Lobby App A Quick Guide & Reviews
What Is Lobby App? A Quick Guide & Reviews

What Parents Need To Know

With the aid of the social networking app Team Up & Voice Chat, users can connect with others to play video games from third parties, watch YouTube videos, or just hang out via voice chats in real time. Kids are asked for their birth date when signing up, which the app uses to calculate their age and pair them with other users of a similar age. Inviting friends and connecting contacts are additional options available to children. The tabs and buttons serve as options-illustration rather than instructions or navigational advice for the app. The app does provide detailed instructions on how to play third-party games with friends and locate the required in-game private code. For kids to play together in a private room on the third-party app, Lobby and the desired game must both be installed on the device. Real-time communication between them will continue to occur through Lobby, which facilitates amusing exchanges. Among Us, Roblox, Fortnite, COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Minecraft team play are all currently supported on the app. The games that kids want to see on the app in the future are up for vote. The welcome message encourages friendliness and makes it clear that harassment, racial slurs, hate speech, pornographic content, and disturbing content are not tolerated. Families should exercise caution when using the app, though, as the real-time voice chats are not moderated and children may encounter mature material, obscenity, innuendo, sexual material, and disparaging remarks about race, sexual orientation, body image, and identity. Read the developer’s privacy policy for details on how your (or your kids’) information is collected, used, and shared and any choices you may have in the matter,and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change.

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Customer Review


The majority of the updates I suggested for Lobby have been implemented since I wrote my first review of the program. There isn’t any echo when sharing a screen, which is fantastic. The signal strength is SOOO much better. Anyone can lock the room, but since all of my friends are friends with each other, locking the room wouldn’t really help someone who isn’t the host. A nice safety feature, in my opinion, would be the ability to authorize specific friends to lock the room. For instance, there is no way for us to accommodate a situation where the room leader nods off and everyone wants to leave so the host can sleep. Perhaps a “best friend” feature in the app settings that we can only grant to our closest friends who can fill in for us in a room if we are unable to would be useful. Allowing audience members to converse with one another would also be a fun feature, in my opinion. For most people, this feature would seem pointless, but for my friends who like to include women in their crowds, it would be entertaining for us women to gossip while on “time out.” Overall, this app is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see what new improvements they add.

Although Excellent, The Lobby Could Be Even Better!

After HouseParty ended, I joined the crowd in heading to Lobby. I didn’t like this app at all at first. But after some updates, I’ve actually noticed some really great improvements. Better service is one of the improvements I would love to see! The truckers I hang out with regularly maintain service on HouseParty throughout the day, but they frequently lose service on Lobby. The room should also be lockable by anyone, not just the room owner, in my opinion. What even HouseParty lacked would be a great improvement as well. You should be able to add the select few people who are permitted in without their needing permission if you lock the room. Counting the minutes you spend with someone rather than the days would be a fantastic addition. That was something I always liked on HP. Finally, the bizarre echo that occurs whenever someone is sharing their screen needs to be stopped. Such a great feature was broken.

Improvements Needed

5 stars, great app but there could be some improvements in order to make the app much better. I’d like to start by saying that an old message delete feature, such as a swipe bar, should be added. It is annoying to have a backlog of messages from people you barely even chat with. In addition, since many people, including myself, don’t take pictures and have a lot of videos, there ought to be a way for you to add videos that are at least 15 seconds long to your profile to make it more noticeable. The ability to mute 5s upon entry should also be prohibited because it is annoying. More features, like the ability to play built-in games with one another, should become available once a friend is added. That will significantly increase the number of players added. Im not going to type a lot knowing theres a 50-50 chance I might not get a response but I hope these ideas helped and wish to see farther improvements


The article concentrated on the lobby app.

With the wonderful app Lobby, you can virtually hang out with friends, family members, or even complete strangers. You can join public forums where people are gathered to watch videos and listen to music. You can have a virtual meet and greet there, which is the best way to end boredom and try something new.

I want to thank you once more for reading.

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